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Business and Market Development

Contracting us means you will benefit from many years of practical market development experience in South Africa and Europe, in various industries and working with major corporations and small companies alike. Thuthuka offers in this area ranges from individual consultancy, to undertaking market research and translation (German) for you, and to running training programmes in this area. References are available at request.

Business Development Strategies

Developing comprehensive strategies to expand into foreign markets: Analysis of your current business to assess general readiness. Setting of goals. Determining the best strategy for your business that includes all aspects of marketing, sales, licensing, documentation, internal changes, staffing, etc.

Market Research

We can do market research to provide you with a list of leads sources (such as trade directories, online sources, magazines) or leads. We may agree to create or monitor lead generation by phone, at exhibitions, etc.

Translation & Localisation

We do translation and localisation of (IT oriented) marketing & sales documents for you. Rather than like translation softwares literal translations, you will get localised letters, invitations, events marketing material etc. However, since we are not accredited translators, we cannot, unfortunately, do any types of translations for you that are used in court cases and contracting. Our fees take recognition of this.